THEMIS is a Greek Goddess - one of the most important of the lesser gods of Olympus. 


Although better known as the goddess of justice, she was also one of Zeus's most trusted advisers and thus, also known as the goddess of wisdom and interpreter of gods' will as she had the gift of delivering oracles.


She was referred to as "Maat" by the ancient Egyptians and to the ancient Romans; “Justitia” is well known for her clear sightedness.  She was often portrayed as evenly balancing both scales and a sword and wearing a blindfold; the scales represent the impartiality and the sword signifies the power that is held by those making the decision.


Classical representations of Themis did not show her blindfolded (because of her talent for prophecy, she had no need to be blinded) nor was she holding a sword (because she represents common consent, not coercion).  Almost always draped in flowing robes, mature but not old, she symbolizes the fair and equal administration of the law, without corruption, avarice, prejudice, or favour.


THEMIS represents the attitude and principles uphold by Themis Consulting:

· Maintaining objectivity and highest level of professionalism at all times

· Pragmatic, systematic and output focused in our approach to service delivery